So let’s talk stars and relationships, and this time I will like to centre it on the international scene: The question that keeps running through my mind is ‘’Why is it so hard for them to stick together’’? First it was Rihanna and Drake, then Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, now it’s Nicki and Meek.

Many has come up to say that the relationship between Meek mill and Nicki Minaj was very one sided, describing Meek as the boy-toy who was riding on Nicki’s fame.

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Apparently, Meek dating Nicki brought about a huge sale in His hit single (All Eyes on you), she practically made him the star that He is today.

Question on the street now is, did meek decided to dump Nicki now that He is a Star?

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Nicki had earlier announced that she is now single and fully focusing on her career, confirming her break up with Meek Mill. Well Nicki, sorry it didn’t work out with Meek.

Further to this new development, fans of the Rap goddess, has suggested that it was better when it was Nicki and Drake.

The vote is on, should Nicki go back to Drake?