“How to be a celebrity husband” – Kayode Salako gives tips!

Olukayode Salako the husband of Nollywood actress Foluke Daramola Salami has given strong advise on how to be a celebrity husband, including how he’s been able to cope with his celebrity wife for five years!

Kayode Salako and wife

Salako whose wife recently clocked 40 shared some words on his page on how his marriage has been in the past five years since he married Foluke.

According to Kayode Salami : “If you are a typical Nigerian man who reads meaning into everything then it may be difficult for you to marry and sustain a celebrity marriage”

Why my marriage to Foluke is still standing the test of time is because I am a man who reads little meaning into most things about my wife…

Salako further adds that his wife also holds no grudges.

A celebrity husband must be able to read little or no meaning to things, he must be able be able to overlook things and must not be the jealous type considering the type of work they do. 

Kayode Salako also hints that he gives his wife a considerable amount of freedom and this is how he’s been able to stay married to his celebrity wife for five years despite the level of divorce in the society today.