Has Flavour made a choice between his two baby mamas? Seems so!


Singer Flavour is one of the the many musicians in Nigeria with multiple baby mamas!

With two beauty queens struggling for his heart and caring for his daughters, Flavour can be categorized as one lucky man.

With the look of things however, it seems the singer has finally made a choice between his two gorgeous baby mamas.

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Our assumption is not based on hearsays or rumours but from Flavour’s birthday attitude for his first daughter Muna, the daughter of his first baby mama Sandra Okagbue.

Flavour with Sandra and daughter

This attitude is quite different from his attitude a few months ago when Anna Banner’s daughter, Sophia clocked two.

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Not only did Flavour have a photoshoot with Muna, he had with Sandra and they wore matching outfits looking like a perfect family.

Sandra; Flavour’s choice?

This could also be so because of Anna’s decision to move on with her life despite her love for her baby daddy.

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Still we can’t help but wonder if Flavour plans to marry Sandra after all!