Moments from Red carpet at the AMAA Awards,2017, Today on Hitz,1:00pm.

AMAA  Awards was and will still be a memorable one, and to watch all the exciting moments from the event, stay tuned to ONTV by 1:00pm.

Today on Hitz comes up by 1:00pm on ONTV. Expect intruiging news from close up celebrity gossip.

Watch AMAA awards for different categories of awards that were won and check out  the red carpet session with celebrities.

Catch  Celebrities on the red carpet to see what they wore and how they were styled by their different stylists. Everything about the glamour.

Get an instaview of Mary Remmy Njoku, wife of the CEO and boss of Iroko TV. View her Instagram page to check out her fun filled activities,  her style of fashion and lifestyle.

And get information on what makes Nollywood actor, Nancy Isime, a better actor.

Don’t forget to tune in by 1:00pm to ONTV today.



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