Nigerians Make Life Uneasy For Mr Eazi On Twitter After His Innocent Opinion.


Twice have we told you but neither have you hearkened! That Nigerians are merciless. For those who are still ignorant of this fact, listen to this for you may never get to hear it again and trust me you don’t want to be in Mr Eazi’s shoes right now.

Nigerians respect you only if you respect yourself,  the truth is,  they are waiting,  in fact,  lurking around, waiting for you to misbehave. When you do,  they won’t spare you!  Ask Headies Next Rated winner Mr.  Eazi.

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So it happened that Eazi after getting high on Ghana jollof last night (well according  to observers)  he tweeted about Nigerian beats been influenced by Ghanaian beats and that was it.

Twitter users were waiting and they jumped on him with all the insults and crazy memes they could find.

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While some tweets are downright rude and insulting, well some were just totally hilarious!

Trust Nigerians, ready to send Eazi on exile with nothing but Ghana must go bags…

Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim tried to step in and got her own share of the lash. Nigerians are merciless!!!