Alleged callous designer locks page, bans comments as devourers descend on her page with curses!

Maryam Elisha… Rikaotobyme

Nigerian designer Maryam Elisha bit more than she could chew when she allegedly played favoritism and made a bride cry on her wedding day.

Known by her brand name, Rikaotobyme, the former beauty queen has been dragged on the bad side of the social media especially after her very watery explanation.

To make matters worse for the model and designer, several new reports are been unleashed which shows that the bride Lawrentta was not the first bride to taste of the venom of Maryam’s callousness and unprofessionalism!

The designer was cursed out by angry Nigerians who believe she could have handled the situation differently rather than come up with some watery excuse for a statement!

Unable to bear the wrath and anger of the people, the designer has bought a huge padlock for her page, banning new entrants from viewing her page, then went ahead to ban even the old followers from dropping comments!

Well, she can’t hide forever now can she, according to the hurt bride, a proper apology and acceptance of responsibility would have made everything alright instead of the lies!

Meanwhile, she sent the bride a used red dress from 2016, contrary to her claims that it was the clothe meant for Mercy!

So much drama on one red dress, all for a birthday photoshoot… Oooops!