Blogger Linda Ikeji finally speaks about her ‘secret’ engagement!

Linda Ikeji

There were multiple reports yesterday which pointed that blogger Linda Ikeji had found the bone of her bones and is ready to join the league of married women.

The reports showed a photo of a left  hand presumed to be Linda’s and the ring finger was adorned with an engagement ring.

Before long, the rumours had gone viral in the social media with claims it that Linda was bent on hiding it from the public but that the supposed fiancé was elated and sharing the good news.

In a reaction to the viral reports, the blogger has shared a picture of her hands with no ring adorning her finger this time.

According to her, the finger is it bare and while she understands that the pressure to marry is strong at 38, she is still single.

“It will happen soon” she added.

So there we have it from the horses mouth, Linda Ikeji isn’t engaged.