Nigerian singer Iceberg Slim set to wife actress Juliet Ibrahim!

Juliet Ibrahim and Iceberg Slim

Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim might be joining the league of married women again following the hint from her lover, Nigerian musician, Iceberg Slim.

Iceberg Slim has publicly announced that he has to do something fast about Juliet’s ringless finger and this only means one thing: engagement, then marriage.

The two entertainers have been dating for a while now and despite the scepticism of many, they have only grown stronger by the day, they even have matching tattoos!

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While Juliet Ibrahim had been married before with a son, Iceberg is just about to walk that path and according to him in a recent interview, he has no issues with Juliet’s age or status, all that matters to him is the love they share.

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Obviously, Juliet feels the same way about her Nigerian Boo and it shows in everything she does…

There, we have it… Celebrity wedding in the making! 2018 could be our best year yet!