‘Okafor’s Law’: Omoni Oboli admits, ‘I can’t be friends with Jude Idada again’

Idada and Jude
Idada and Jude

It was really a dark time for actress Omoni Oboli when scriptwriter, Jude Idada, filed a lawsuit against her, which stopped the premiere of her movie, ‘Okafor’s Law.’

The mother of three boys told our correspondent that she did all her best to settle out of the court because she didn’t want the stress, but it didn’t happen.

She opened up, “At some point, I started to wonder what it was all about? I don’t know how to hate because I am not wired in such a way. I have seen them in court and I have said hello. But I don’t know if we can ever be friends again. I am fine now; I am in a good place in my life.”

Recalling the experience, she described it as terrible and one of the toughest points in her career.

She added, “You know my father died like five weeks after the lawsuit’s drama so I felt it was just from one problem to another.”