Daddy Freeze looking for relevance, says Atorise


The tithing debate in Nigeria is far being over, as more people are now speaking in support or against Daddy Freeze.

Gospel singer, Lanre Teriba, aka Atorise, becomes the latest person to rubbish Freeze’s claims while supporting Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, who had earlier called out Daddy Freeze over the same topic.

In an interview with Newsroom, Atorise maintained that Freeze had been misleading people with claims that the Bible did not endorse tithe.

He explained, “The Bible affirms straightforwardly that you should convey your tithe to the place of God. Tithe is vital for you. On the need to explore growth, on the off chance that you need to thrive in life, on the off chance that you need to be rich, on the off chance that you need to live long, and you need to have a decent life, at that point figure out how to give tithe.”

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He added that the controversial OAP was only trying to stay relevant, noting,  “Everybody feels obliged with the need to keep up distinction in their career and at the same time maintain fame.”

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