Davido Vs Wizkid: Why the Beef should stop!

Wizkid and Davido. Credit: Various

From the Nigerian definition we have designed for the word ‘beef’, it is an unhealthy rivalry between two contemporaries thriving or struggling in the same field; which when not properly managed can metamorphose into deep and unending hatred!

Davido and Wizkid

Yes, this is our definition of the word ‘beef’ and this is what we have noticed between two of Africa’s greatest artiste coincidentally sons of the Nigeria soil.

Wizkid and Davido
Wizkid and Davido

While beef might be healthy in some cases giving room for healthy competition and growth, it becomes unnecessary when the parties involved are greater than the beef between them like in the case of Wizkid and Davido.

If we ever had doubts, we know now without an iota of doubt that these two young singers are the greatest in Africa. The MOBOs, the MTVs, The EMAs, the Afrimas, all these big awards have confirmed what we always knew; that we have the greatest in our midst.

This is why the beef must stop: beef should happen between struggling individuals, people fighting for attention, people who need to get fans, sympathy or empathy: you would agree that neither Davido nor Wizkid fall into these categories. They are big, they are popular, they are gifted, they are wealthy, they have proved to have healthy loins (they might even become in laws some day) they are not struggling… just that their fans might be stupidly throwing them at each other…

Stars don’t fight, they leave it for starlings or struggling stars. The world already acknowledged these guys so why the beef!