Dear Wizkid and Davido, where is our collabo?

Davido and Wizkid

Without beating around the bush unnecessarily, we all know that our top two Nigerian superstars Davido and Wizkid are buddies, not just buddies, but friends.

They have buried the hatchet of battle and embraced an enviable friendship in the last three months since their individual concerts.

Gone are the days when they snob each other’s posts on social media, long gone are the days when their fans would slit throats to prove points of superiority.

In fact, the Wizkid FC and 30 Billion gang have become great cronies so much that the previous battle looks likes a figment of our imaginations… So what else is delaying our much-awaited Collabo!

Without any doubts or arguments, the Wizkid and Davido Collabo is the most anticipated collaboration in the history of Nigerian music and we have been waiting for over three years since we were promised.

What exactly is delaying the 4 minutes, 15 bars-a verse collaboration?

The fans are waiting with bated breath.

The critics are waiting with a ready pen.

Dear Davido and Wizkid, one of you should make the move, we really need to have that Collabo now! Thanks for obliging…