DJ Cuppy takes over from Simi as worst dressed!

DJ Cuppy

Billionaire daughter Cuppy Otedola again faced harsh criticism last night as she disappointed her fans on the red carpet at the world premiere of Royal Hibiscus Hotel movie another production of Ebony Life.

The disc jockey who also followed the theme of the red carpet was dressed in what looked like a pyjamas, pearls around her neck and some black top beneath the ‘pyjamas’.

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Her fans were quick to point out to her that she really needs to fire her stylist or get one.


Surprisingly, when not on the red carpet, Cuppy steps out quite chic and beautiful until she has to appear on the red carpet.

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Another entertainer who has red carpet issues is singer Simi, but from the look of things, DJ Cuppy is fast taking over from Simi as the worst dressed on the red carpet or on the stage.

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Come to think of it, Cuppy ‘s baby sister is a fashionista and stylist, how come she isn’t helping her sister’s career on nights like yesterday night!

See what Nigerians said about her outfit last night!