‘The fear of NBC’ is what Olamide’s Science Student video looks like!


Yesterday, Nigeria’s Baddosneh, Olamide dropped the much-awaited visuals for his controversial yet popular song ‘Science Student’ and somehow, what we saw was a much different and very restricted Olamide.

The very colourful and interesting video was opened with a mini-drama by Olamide and his theme before a transitioning into the real deal.

Somehow, we were reminded of Faze’s Kolomental, which had some Psychopaths in bed suffering from a relapse of drug abuse.

One would expect Olamide’s video to have a more crazy depiction but the fear of NBC was obviously a big restriction as the musician was more focused on proving that he was actually preaching against drugs and not advocating for its use.

With the latest Shakushaku dance which became viral after the Science Student song, we also expected different versions of the dance on the video, well, we did have a dance but more of the Walking Dead kind of dance with a sprinkle of Shakushaku here and there.

Noticeable was also Olamide’s refusal to smoke or drink in the video… He was indeed preaching against drug abuse!

Recall that their song had been followed and trailed by controversy since its release, so much that there had been a call for its ban. The video will most likely change the perception towards the song.