“I leave Jacob to God” – Bobrisky mourns the betrayal by his former gateman! (Video)


Male Barbie Bobrisky has displayed sadness and sorrow over what he calls an open betrayal by his former employee Jacob whom he trusted and loved like a brother and friend.

Earlier in the week,  Bobrisky had announced that Jacob was no longer an employee, meanwhile he sited reasons centering around lies and betrayal.

According to Bobrisky,  Jacob had lied to him about his father’s illness to extort money from him only for him to find out he lied.

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In a new and strange twist,  a viral video of Jacob begging Nigerians to come to his aid showed up on Instagram.

In the video,  Jacob alleged that he worked for six months without being paid by Bob his boss. He also alleged that the monetary gift of 40K he received from MC Galaxy was also taken by his boss.

The video however made Bobrisky emotional for according to him, he couldn’t stop crying at that level of betrayal and lies.

“I leave Jacob to God” he wrote on snap chat explaining that his puffy and red eyes could not make an appearance on Snapchat!

How sad!  So,  what’s going on here?