Not just for Wizkid’s concert, Davido and Wizkid become great friends!

The story of Wizkid and Davido’s reunion is still the hottest story of the season… In fact, we have tagged it the greatest way to end the year and it is indeed so!

While we may still be wondering if we only bothered unnecessarily while the ‘beef’ lasted, we also want to relish in this new friendship that has left Nigerians happy despite the economic situation of the country.

The first step towards friendship was posting videos of their joint performance on their individual pages and dropping short but inspiring captions beneath the videos!

The second step towards this friendship that has left butterflies in our belles is the renewal of their love on the social media! Davido clicked the follow icon on Wizkid’s page and Wizkid did the same on Davido’s page.

It didn’t end there, Wizkid has vowed that the 30BillionConcert would be lit! Meaning we can expect another joint performance from the two young kings again tomorrow!

Now our cup will definitely overflow when we get a collaboration or at least a remix to start with! Something to pacify us for all the time we agitated unnecessarily!