“I am proud of myself” – Tiwa Savage applauds herself for how far she has come.

Tiwa Savage on stage

Nigeria pop Queen Tiwa Savage has announced to the world in very clear terms that she is proud of the person she has become.

Tiwa Savage who is arguably the hottest female in the Nigerian entertainment industry definitely has reasons to pat herself in the back.

Tiwa Savage

Starting from the bottom, the singer has been able to thrive in an industry dominated by men and has been able to make her voice heard over the years.

From the days of ‘Kelekele love’ to the time she is now, the Doro Diva has proved that she is a born star, shedding her initial shyness and reserved nature, Tiwa Savage now knows how to dominate her stage and make it catch fire and also leave her audience craving for more.

Coupled with this, the singer has also been able to hold her home despite the initial earthquake that threw things apart!

Indeed, she should be proud of herself, just as we are too!