Reason I named my snake Toke Makinwa –Pretty Mike

Pretty Mike
Pretty Mike

Lagos club owner, Pretty Mike, who recently acquired a snake, has named it Toke Makinwa.

Explaining why he named the pet Toke Makinwa to Punch, he said, “I named my pet snake Toke Makinwa because every Toke Makinwa is a snake. I named my pet python Toke Makinwa because I believe that she is not just a snake, but a huge snake – a python. And this is based on some things she talks about and writes on. There is a lot of cunningness and sneakiness to her.

“She is not your normal lady and it is time to let people know. Some people attacked me for naming my snake after her, but the truth is that the name is patented and she does not have the right to the name. She is not the only Toke Makinwa in the world; there are so many of them. She might be the more popular one, but right now, my pet python is even more popular than her.

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He said they had no issue and they were good friends even before he named his snake Toke Makinwa.

He said, “She is my very good friend and I have seen her on some occasions. She understands that this is pure entertainment and as entertainers, we could diss ourselves in public but because we are entertainers, we know that when we are behind closed doors, we would talk to each other and settle any issue.

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“We would see ourselves and say something like, ‘Mike that was a nice one.’ That is the beauty of the maturity entertainers have. We can do whatever we like in public, but behind closed doors, we know it is just for the show. I met her once after the news broke that I named my python Toke Makinwa and the reception I got from her was nice. She just said, ‘Hey Mike, you want them to hear our voice in Lagos State.’ And I told her that it is what we are in the business for. I even plan to have a ‘meet, greet and take a picture with Toke’ I would take my python out and people would have the opportunity of taking a picture with her.”

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