Reasons I featured late Dagrin, Terry G–KSB

Kenny Saint Best has explained why she had to embrace the street and secular musicians despite being a ‘gospel musician.’


According to her, her failed marriage and what happened afterwards damaged her reputation and made it hard for the church to accept her music.

KSB told Sunday Scoop, “The story of my life is that of blackmail, a story of not having a name to sell a product and a story of a damaged reputation. So, don’t look at my marriage. It is not the marriage; it is what happened after that, which is damaged reputation and profile. It became hard to sell the gospel music I knew how to do because my reputation had been damaged.”


Since she couldn’t sell gospel music to the church, she stated that she diverted her energy to the street, working with the then kings of the streets like Terry G, Dagrin and others.

She stated further, “It wasn’t a collaboration that made me sing their songs; I made them sing my songs. I needed to reach their audience and spread my fan base from the church to the street. But I still came back to the Christian community. So, that is my turnaround or comeback story.”

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