Some say Peter, Some say Paul: Psquare brothers making waves as individual acts!


It started as a joke but today it is obvious that the duo of Paul and Peter Okoye meant it when they said they had had enough of each other!

After their loud separation months ago,  the brothers have individually dropped songs on their own to prove their worth as a solo act.

Without waiting to take in air,  Peter Okoye now known as Mr. P dropped his first single ‘Cool It Down’ and in no time,  dropped the visuals.

Peter and Paul Okoye

The song was well received by fans of the singer especially as Peter had been considered the less talented of the two brothers.

While Peter was still basking in the euphoria of his personal achievement as an artiste, his brother Paul dropped his first single “Fire Fire” and it was hot like Fire indeed.

Peter Okoye…

Critics who have listened to the songs have however dropped their reviews, critically assessing the singers and the songs.

While the songs by the brothers were well produced with excellent visuals, many however think that Paul Okoye did not deviate from the Psquare style.

Paul okoye

He was criticized for not trying anything new while Peter was applauded for at least not following the Psquare style even though his lyrics were watery.

Fans of the duo have no choice but to take sides or pitch their tents with one of the brothers. While some of us are still stuck in the middle, who are you feeling right now?

Some say Peter, Some say Paul!