See Mercy Johnson’s reaction to people who want her marriage to fail

Mercy Johnson
Mercy Johnson on her wedding day

A few days ago, it was rumoured that Mercy Johnson’s marriage was in trouble after she deleted pictures of her husband on Instagram.

But, Mercy in a chat with NET, described bloggers who circulated the rumour as evil.

She explained, “I usually delete all the pictures on my page from time to time and this time around, I didn’t just delete my husband’s pictures, I deleted photos of me and my children. In fact, my husband is in shock at the drama emanating from social media.

“We had a photo shoot and of course you know the new year swag na, so I said to delete the old pictures I had which is what I do normally, na im e backfire oooo.”

Mercy Johnson and husband,Prince Okojie
Mercy Johnson and husband, Prince Okojie

She assured her fans that her marriage was still intact, saying, “I will still celebrate 10 years with my sexy Odi by God’s grace and I appreciate all my fans for expressing their concern over the issue. God bless you all.”