Toyin Lawani claims Bobrisky wanted to assassinate her


Lawani and Bobrisky

Beauty entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani, has alleged that the Social Media star, Bobrisky, was involved in a plan to assassinate her.

Last Saturday, Lawani said she received messages from a close ally who warned her of a possible attack orchestrated by Bobrisky. According to her, the ally urged her to make immediate arrangements to protect herself and her children. And she quickly reached out to the appropriate security agencies to investigate the alleged assassination plot.

While wondering how things could have become so bad for her, she explained how she met Bobrisky.

She stated, “Bobrisky came to Tiannah’s Empire as a customer sometime in 2015 and pleaded with my attendants that he wanted to meet me as he needed some remedy for his bad skin. After administering treatment on the skin and was cured of his skin irritations, he testified that people would not stop asking about where and how he got his skin treated. He then told me he was a student at University of Lagos (UNILAG) and would love to market Tiannah’s Glow natural products. As he was a living testimony, I began by giving him some of the products and allowed him to earn 40 percent on the products he sold. I also recommended a full body polish via Tiannah’s spa, which helped to treat his skin infections and cleared his dark knuckles. I also advised him on how to take care of his body odour as my clients started complaining and would usually have to spray air fresheners every time he stepped on the fashion floor at the Empire. He took offence that I advised him about his body odor, but the truth was that it was really bad and caused us a lot of embarrassment at some events, including a top society wedding he forced himself to attend with me,” Ms Lawani said.

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The Tiannahs Empire CEO admitted that he was already not cross-dressing at the time, but wore makeup, fixed lashes, and nails. But when she realised it was bad exposure for her son, as her kid started begging to wear makeup and heels, she told Bobrisky to stop wearing makeup to her office.

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“He worked with me for only about two months, but even in that time period, he caused a lot of harm than good… He was also manipulative and was always trying to cause problems between me and my staff or friends.

“On one occasion, we went out together and there were complaints about his appearance, which I told him about…It also coincided with the time a lady came to my store to allege that he claimed to be the one mixing my beauty products for me.
It was a ridiculous claim because my mother started the business over twenty (20) years ago and it has grown beyond the phase of mixing products with hands. We have machines doing all of that in our factory,” she said

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On claims made by Bobrisky that Ms Lawani swindled him of the sum of N250,000 he allegedly paid for the purchase of souvenirs for his birthday, the stylist clarified that Bobrisky made a deposit of N150,000.

“He was owing my company almost N200,000 around the time after repeatedly buying clothes on credit and I informed him that I would use the money he paid towards the purchase of the speakers as his balance, which would leave him with a balance of N65,000 and I gave him a cheque for that amount,” Ms Lawani said.

Credit: ToriMii