10 post baby photos of Laura Ikeji you should see…

Laura Ikeji

Laura Ikeji: She is the successful entrepreneur that many Nigerians love to hate because they cannot come to terms with her success.

Being the younger sister of Africa’s foremost blogger Linda Ikeji has not helped in the least as most believe she climbed her sister’s success to achieve hers.

One thing we however cannot take away from Laura is her strong willful and unbendable spirit!

Using the social media as a tool,  Laura has risen to the status of a celebrity, forget Linda Ikeji. She is a fashionista, a business woman and a mother!

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Her return from the US after her baby bearing soujorn has not slowed her down one bit!  She got back to work immediately representing all her brands and we cannot help but crush on these new photos of Laura Ikeji Kanu!

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Laura Ikeji