Is Toke Makinwa the most fashionable Nigerian female Celebrity?

Toke MakinwaIt is one thing to love fashion or to have a great fashion sense; it is another thing to have the financial wherewithal to prove your sense of style.

In the last one year or less, Nigerian radio girl, Toke Makinwa has proved to us how much fashion and style means to her.

While Toke Makinwa has always been stylish and classy if a little bit reserved, the last several months have unveiled a Toke Makinwa who is not just stylish but expensively so!

Already Nigerians are beginning to wonder if Toke Makinwa is book OnBecoming opened the doors to her inner style and glamour or if there’s a ‘man’ somewhere throwing his weight behind Toke on this!

Toke Makinwa

Now with more financial strength, Toke rocks only the most expensive designer outfit including bags and footwear!

Already we have established that the radio girl is a shoe and bag fetish, but it never occurred to us that Toke would spend millions on a pair of shoes or a simple hand bag!

Toke Makinwa…

With every photo she posts, millions go into the overall outlook placing her on the list of some of the best dressed female celebs.

Yes, there are many fashionistas in the industry with as much class as TM but looking at the price tags of some of her pieces, we are forced to ask if Toke is indeed the most fashionable female celeb in Nigeria, judging by how much she is ready to spend to look good!

Toke rocking a 1.3million Gucci bag