5 beautiful reasons to catch the Ankara fever.


Nigerians are known to be  fashionable people. The average Nigerian wants to look good, that’s why recession or no recession, you see people  spending lavishly on aseobi materials with shoes to match.

To stay fashionable one has to go for things that are in vogue. Which brings us to the subject of “Ankara “.This fabric have been there since the time of our mothers. They used it in sewing their “buba and iro” and also in carrying babies. As I said, that was in the time of our mothers.

The Ankara material has now evolved and found its way into present day fashion. You will be marvelled on how they can be sewn that even foreign celebrities like Beyonce Knowles have been photographed in it. The Ankara is now being worn to red carpet events and by models in local and international fashion shows. Fashion sites such as aseobiafrica, bellanaija, Naijawedding etc have the Ankara fabric in beautiful pictures that you can’t wait to get one for yourself.

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With all these being said, we can now see 5 beautiful reasons why every Nigerian should catch the Ankara fever.

1.  It is cheap.

Am sure you love the sound of that, going by the present economy situation of the country. With just a little amount of money, one can get a reasonable amount of yards of Ankara fabric, settle the tailor, and come out looking stunning.

2. Easily accessible.

The Ankara fabric can be purchased in markets nationwide, even the one nearest to you. Textile dealers who have come to appreciate the fabric, have them fully in stock. You don’t have to travel down to Kano or kanfanchan, your Ankara fabric is closer than you think.

3. It comes in Variety.

Unlike the foreign clothes that will cost you a fortune, yet you go about seeing it on almost every one, the Ankara fabric is different.  It comes in different colors and patterns that one will be confused as to the one to choose. Variety is said to be the spice of life, so it’s high time you spice up your wardrobe with this lovely fabric.

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4. Makes you Creative.

The Ankara fabric can be made in different styles to fit any body shape. Just looking at its beautiful colours and designs, one cannot run out of latest styles to suit every occasion. Gone are the days where Ankara was strictly for Fridays and weekends. They can be made to corporate jackets, ties, skirts and dresses to suit Monday to Friday.

5. Gives the African touch.

The  Ankara fabric just goes a long way to keep us in touch with our roots, to show our rich culture. A woman adorned in a beautiful Ankara and gele to match will always stand out in any occasion.  The men are not left out in this Ankara fever, it’s not gender biased.

The next time you go shopping for a change of wardrobe, ensure you get a beautiful piece of Ankara. Let’s celebrate it’s originality, let’s catch the Ankara fever!.