How father exposed rapper CDQ to condoms at 16


General Records act CDQ drops another jam for the streets titled 'Say baba'. The indigenous rapper dropped his debut album project in 2016, titled "Quality".

While many people may see this as abnormal, musician CDQ has revealed that he was first exposed to condoms by his late father at the age of 16.

In a new interview, he stated, “When I was 16, my father called me and said that he knew that at my age, I would be seeing girls. He gave me a condom and told me that if I must have sex, I should ensure I wear one. He made it known that he was against pre-marital sex but I should always protect myself if I must engage in the act. He also always advised that as a man, I should always ensure that I worked hard and earn money because by doing so, the ladies would chase me. I have really missed that intimacy and friendship I had with my dad. Also, there was the financial aspect. My father was the one that took care of his extended family. My father taught me not to depend on anybody.”

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