Five celebrities who don’t agree with Daddy Freeze on tithing!

For a while now, a serious debate arose on the matter of tithing and churches in Nigeria. While many Christians have silently never paid a tithe in their lives, the matter was blown out of proportion after OAP Daddy Freeze started a campaign, helping the non payers to find justification and many others to see reasons why they shouldn’t be paying.

Since the matter became a public debate, there had been several fractional battles between the non tithe payers and the tithe payers.

Celebrities have not been left out in this battle of religion and confusion.

Although Daddy Freeze has been able to win souls to his non tithe paying kingdom, many have need their standards and would rather hear from heaven!

See five celebrities who claim to still pay their tithes.

Dbanj : When the issue was still fresh, Dbanj had quietly made his opinion known via his instagram page with a simple caption that says “It pays to pay tithe”.

More recently, during a popular event in Lagos, D’banj had openly told Freeze to his face that he pays his tithe and cares not for how the tithe is used.

Weird MC

Weird MC : The rapper turned preacher has also made her stand known as far as tithing is concerned. According to Adesola Idowu, she loves God too much to argue about a fraction of what HE has done for her. “Whether old or New we testament, count me in. Whether under the law or grace… I will pay” she said.

Yomi Casual

Yomi Casual : The Lagos based fashion designer has also made it clear that giving the church one tenth of his income should not be an issue. For a while, the father of one captioned most of his posts with the Hashtag “IPaymytithe”.

Timi Dakolo

Timi Dakolo : If there was a celeb who would openly disagree with Daddy Freeze, that celeb would be Timi Dakolo. Openly, Timi has said that he would pay his tithe whether or not he has to.


Obiwon : Singer Obiora Obiwon loves Daddy Freeze but clearly despises his ways! This he made known recently as he dropped his two cents on the trending tithing issue led by Freeze. According to Obiwon, for him, it is not debatable!