Goldmyne Fashion : Outfit of the day(Seyishay)


The harmattan season is upon us, its either too hot or too cold, no in between. It has been a true challenge staying stylish with such an extreme weather/ season upon us. Style queen and sultry singer, Seyishay has given us a rather impressive solution to our problem.

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Dressed in a denim shirt and yellow shorts, she slayed. The outfit which she wore to promote her new single ‘YoloYolo” speaks volumes.

The sexy songstress who is known not just for her sweet voice but also her ability to slay stepped out looking fabulous as always.

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Showing just enough flesh to get the breeze in, she keeps her top half tastefully covered. With minimal jewellery, little makeup and her sun shades, she is ready to combat the weather in true diva style.

Check out more photos below: