Governor Ajimobi’s Address, A Replay Of Saworoide Movie!

A viral video of Governor Ajimobi the executive Governor of Oyo state was circulated last night online after it was published by the Sahara Reporters crew.

The video had the governor addressing some embattled students of tertiary education in the State and his style of governance was conspicuously pronounced in the short clip.

Sharply, a Mainframe movie produced many years ago ‘Saworoide’ came to mind, and the tyrant king of ‘Jogbo’ kingdom King Lapite was remembered.

Sometimes,  a leader might believe that he or she is right while the followers are wrong,  still tyranny does not make two wrongs right.

In the said video, GovernorAjimobi was addressing students who have been made to stay at home for over eight months due to the government’s fault of not paying salaries of their tutors.

The angry students were addressed by the Governor who rather than calm them down, peacefully gain their attention and try to make them see reasons why it was so,  he took the King Lapite method.

The Governor did exactly what king Lapite would have done faced with the same situation.

The Governor enraged the students when he implied that an eight month strike is nothing new and in fact would not be the last.  He also stated that their war song of ” things would be tough” was meaningless as things can never be tough for him. The look on his face as he said this is etched in memory.  I bet he was thinking… ” How can things be tough for me after… ” (fill in the blanks)

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#Repost @brownsugar4bim ・・・ Democracy or Tyranny? I weep for our nation! Is this the change they promised? And this governor is a father to some children like these students? Did his children school in Nigeria? Why is he speaking yoruba to university undergraduates? Is it that he doesn't think they will understand if he addresses them in english? So he feels it's okay to lock up their school for 8months or more? Why is he asking them to bring the boy? Will he beat him up or torture him? Oppressing the poor students or what? How can a governor openly dare these students to go do their worst? Too many questions, please, give answers if you have any. Let's share this video for all to see what we're going through in the hands of our leaders. May God see us through and heal our land.

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Naturally, this further infuriated the students who kept shouting that they were indeed referring to him…  Guess what King Lapite did?  He ordered a guy to be picked from the crowd! Well,  they boy resisted the police and most likely for fear of what the public would say,  he was left alone. The damage had been done… We already know what Lapite could do and would do when angry.  I remember that scene well in Saworoide. One Chief dared to say he was not a bastard, Lapite ordered him to be picked!

While some may be fast to say that the Governor was right for facing the students fire for fire as they say, remember that none of Ajimobi’s children went through this life.  None had to stay eight months out of school and still get threatened for it.

Remember also that these Governors swore to govern, lead and help their people!  Except they did not take that oath like King Lapite!

This is unfair…

OK, he started harshly, he threatened, he blasted,  we expected it to end with him calming them down and promising them that all would be well!  But what did King Lapite do? ” bo ledogun, ko dogun”! King Lapite incited war!  Telling the students to fight if they wanted to fight!  Ah!

Angry boys and girls, who should be calmed, incited to war?

I tell you,  this is a replay of Saworoide! #Labos