Kokozaria Buys A Porsche, Gives Credit To Mc Oluomo…

While we were falling over ourselves yesterday after the news of Kokozaria’s alleged pregnancy rumour,  the NURTW Official who works closely  with famous Oshodi Lord, Mc Oluomo was finalising the deal of a new Porsche car.

Kokozaria posted pictures of the car still at the dealer’s office and informed his fans that it was the Lord’s doing and of course Oluomo’s doing.
The part time actor has not reacted to the rumour that he had impregnated actress Awele, neither has Awele reacted directly after the wife of Kokozaria broke the news in a post.
But wait,  a Porsche?  For an ‘Agbero’ like we call them in Lagos: can we all be Agberos  please, with our certificates,  we should get to the top fast.