Matters of the heart: Dear ‘Mary’ you were not confused, you are just a liar!

Let me quickly tell you the story of ‘Mary’ the anonymous 24 year old lady who wrote about saying ‘No’ to the proposal of an anonymous ‘David’

Well, I am that David, my name isn’t David by the way and she’s not Mary, but I’ll leave it.

She lied.

I met this lady four years ago during my MA program in UNICAL, she was in her second year, we started dating after about eight months of platonic friendship.

Now, let me tell you that even when we were just friends, I practically took over responsibility of her studies, you know, started playing the role of her father due to the financial straits in her family which she told me about.

When we started dating, I was doing everything, including buying her clothes and shoes. I never complained. I loved her.

I saw her through school, waited for her to complete her NYSC, which took all of my willpower because dear Mary was already changing! She changed her phone password from my name and told a stupid lie to cover it up, I let it go.

On two occasions, I travelled to Abuja where she served to surprise her, bearing gifts and ‘food’ and on both occasions, she wasn’t in Abuja! She told some unbelievable lies, I let it go.

I loved Mary. I wanted to marry her… I told her cousin about my intention to throw her a birthday and propose, I saw the look she gave me, but I didn’t read the correct meaning! I was stupid.

Then I disgraced myself, got down on one knee right in the middle of the party I spent 200K putting together, and in my head,  I still hear Mary screaming ‘NO’, I can’t forget how she snatched her hand and ran out of the room.

I was willing to wait until I knew I was just her ‘Uncle’ ! Yes my name had changed to uncle on her phone. (I’m 32)There is a new man in her life, a beard gang guy I gathered…who she ran to that same night after breaking my heart, and I gathered her heart too was broken that same night by Mr beard!

Dear Mary, please forget about saying ‘Yes’, I’m fine!