Matters of the heart: My Fiancee and her best friend send nudes to each other!

My girlfriend of three years and fiancee of four months is finally giving me a cause to worry about her sexuality.

It wouldn’t have been an issue but her reaction to my complaints is giving me serious creeps.

When I met her, she was one of those ladies you had to woo for eternity and then testify in church after she agrees! It took me endless months of stalking and courting and begging to get her to say Yes to be my girlfriend.

After three years of a good relationship, I decided I needed to make it final, to avoid being embarrassed during a proposal, I didn’t have all those fairytale planned proposals, it was a simple one which I carefully orchestrated with the help of my best friend!

I however noticed that it took ages for her to say Yes or even give me her finger to insert the ring. At first I thought she was just overwhelmed with emotions. I had to grab her finger and push the ring in, then searched her face for the joy I expected but found none.

I didn’t let it bother me until two nights ago when I took my fiancé’s phone and discovered this string of nude pictures between her and her best friend.

My heart somersaulted as I dropped the phone. They went to school together, lived together all through their university days and even served together. Somehow, she was even my best friend!

I couldn’t hold it and I asked her why she would be sending nudes to Cynthia on a daily basis and vice versa… She gave me the looks of “are you OK?” Please am I OK?
Am I just being paranoid?

Is she what I think she is?