Matters of the heart: My Fiancee is bossy, she sends my siblings on errands! 

My name is Gideon, I’m engaged to my girlfriend of five years Helen and we are already planning our wedding for early next year but I have this issue that is giving me so much concern right now.

Before our engagement, everything was fine,  or so I thought… three months ago, in preparation for my life as a married man,  I changed my apartment and got a spa ious three bedroom apartment on Lagos Mainland.

Helen comes occasionally to spend the weekend with me and sometimes,  my siblings also come to spend time with me.

Recently my siblings (27 year old twin guys) started complaining that my Fiancee who is also 27 is fondly of sending them on baseless errands.

According to them,  it is not the errand but the way she goes about it.  I have begged my brothers not to tell my mother,  I’m sure she’d take it more than  I am taking it.

Helen is Yoruba like me,  I believe she should understand that the in law no matter how small is still an in Law.

I tried to reason with her and she took it personal asking me if it is right for my brothers to sit around while she does all the chores?

My brothers have stopped coming over, my little sister of 21 is showing her hell,  saying ‘No’ to most of her errands!

This issue has brought a strain on our relationship, she wants me to tell my sister that she is not her slave!

Please,  how well can we sort this before it becomes a big issue. My mom wouldn’t like this and I don’t like it either. My siblings no longer like her and truth is; she wasn’t like this before!

With me she’s loving and all but with my siblings, she’s something else!