Matters of the heart: I met my Fiancé’s Fiancee in NYSC camp!

I’m writing this hoping I get some sort of relief and comfort from readers and from their comments.

My name is Chika, a 29 year old graduate of UNIBEN and Youth corper presently serving in Abuja. I met a girl, Sade during the screening exercise and somehow we clicked and became friends.

We did all the registration together and luckily we got the same room, we became bunk mates. She is 24 but it really didn’t matter to me, I liked her and nothing else mattered. She graduated from Unilag.

Our first night together as friends and room mates, we talked extensively into the next day about everything including the men in our lives!

That night I found out we were dating the same man.

I still cannot fathom how it was possible that I chose my boyfriend’s sidechic or mainchic as friend!

I also cannot understand why fate threw us at each other that way… The girl Sade is such a sweet girl, so beautiful and honest that I almost cried as she told me about her Daniel! He promised to marry her, tried to work her NYSC posting to Lagos but failed,  she met him three years ago and they’ve been together for all three years and got engaged last month!

He took her virginity. She loves him, trusts him… I listened and accepted her phone as she showed me photos! It was my Daniel, the Daniel who put the simple diamond ring I was wearing on my finger. The Daniel I had been dating for eight years! The Daniel who was waiting for me in Lagos!

My ring and her ring were the same…

For three weeks, I slept in the same room with Sade, listened to her as she talked to Daniel every night. After the call, Daniel would call me and I’d pretend all is well!

He called us both every morning and night!

In the three weeks of being with this girl, I couldn’t bring myself to hate her… she’s innocent and sweet. I also didn’t tell her anything.

A part of me wants to tell Sade so we can both be in pain, I envy her the joy of not knowing…

Camp is over… How best can I handle this? I have cried everyday for a month!