Matters of the heart! He proposed, I said ‘No’ but now I want to say ‘Yes’…

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My name is Mary, I heartlessly said ‘No’ to my boyfriend of three years a month ago, embarrassing him before his friends, my friends and some few family members because I thought I wasn’t ready.

I really wasn’t expecting the proposal, he totally caught me offguard on my birthday and I was scared, I gave him all the looks of ‘please don’t do this’ when he dropped on his knees and brought out the ring, but he went ahead to propose.

I said ‘No’, I broke his heart! Every night since then, I keep seeing his eyes as I snatched my fingers from his grasp and mouthed the word ‘No’ repeatedly.

He expected me to jump for joy, scream and dance or even cry for joy but wasn’t expecting the response he got.

I love David, I really do, but I just wasn’t ready for the proposal thing plus I somehow lost it that night and got scared.

David (31) has refused to talk to me, he travelled immediately and won’t get in touch. I have tried to apologize and explain things, but he is not reading my messages. I can’t call him!

I only try through the social media but he is not reading them!

I am sorry, I love him, I want to say ‘Yes’… How do I go about this, I heard he’s gone to South Africa to cool off after the blow I dealt him.

Help me, I am 24… I would rather marry David now than wait for another man.