Meet Nigerian Kehinde Wiley who painted Barack Obama’s Official portrait!

Kehinde Wiley with Obama

With the passing of each day, more Africans are putting the continent in a more prominent spot in the mall of the world with great exploits and achievements.

Not only do they make Africa proud, they make themselves proud and put their names on the lips of people all over the world.

If you didn’t know Kehinde Wiley before, you probably know him now since his biggest work was launched officially yesterday, February 12, 2018.

Kehinde Wiley

The Nigerian born Wiley is a New York City based portrait painter who is known for his highly naturalistic paintings of African-Americans. 

The portrait

It was announced in October of 2017 that Wiley had been commissioned to paint the official presidential portrait of former President Barack Obama for the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.

This painting was unveiled on February 12, 2018. Kehinde and  and Amy Sherald who painted Michelle Obama are the first black artists to make official presidential portraits for the National Portraits Gallery.

According to Wiley, it was a great honour to be approached and commissioned for the preject.

Kehinde Wiley was born South Central, Los Angeles in 1977, where he was raised by a single mother and was one of six siblings. His mother was an American linguist while his father was a Nigerian.