President Obama Tears Up While Appreciating His Wife In His Farewell Address


The outgoing President of the United States of America Barack Obama earlier this morning proved the extent of his love for his family especially Michelle his wife of 25 years during his farewell address to America.

An emotional Barack praised his two daughters Malia and Talia for supporting him even on the nights he couldn’t be with them. He appreciated them for borrowing  America their dad.

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While praising his wife,  the President could not help himself as he teared up saying Michelle took up what she never asked for without complaining.

“Michelle LeVaughn Robinson, girl of the South side, for 25 years you’ve not only been my wife and the mother of  my children,  you’ve been my best friend” Obama said and wiped his teary eyes.

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No doubt,  the world would miss the first family who have not only being an embodiment of class and elegance but also of love and magic.

Meanwhile,  is the world ready for the next first family,  Donald and Melania Trump?

Obama hugs his daughter