See what people really think about The Wedding Party movie! You’ll be amazed.

The Wedding Party movie, a movie co produced by Ebony Life TV is still about the most successful Nigeria movie, not forgetting the highest grossed in the history of movie making in Nigeria grossing close to a Billion naira!

Part of its success can be traces to it’s acceptance by movie lovers and Nigerians as a whole. For the first time, everyone wanted to go to the cinema to see a Nigerian movie.

The testimony of others drew many out of their indecisive shell to go see the movie; hence, it became a the highest grossing movie here!

Reviews have been excellent until a particular literary critic finally had time to watch the one hour thirty minutes movie and he thinks the movie”is the most over movie in Nigeria”

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The movie did not meet certain literary criteria if the reviewer and he pointed out the standout areas.

He concluded that for the movie to have been the highest grossing is an insult on his ‘intellectual intelligence’

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You would think the critic would have been eaten raw for bashing a much loved movie, surprisingly, a large percentage of people actually agree with him.

See some of their reviews.