Style Tips: Be a fashionista on a budget


Every girl wants to look good, be a fashionista, it’s a female thing. Deep down, we are wired to wear brighter colours, smell nicer and be in charge. In a society such as ours where you are addressed the way you dress, a lot of pressure has been put on women and men folk to look better, and more expensive.

For a lot of people, looking stylish means breaking the bank to get that awesome new designer bag or shirt or even cufflinks. I’m here to bring you good tidings of great joy. Looking good on a ”students” budget is possible.

We are in a country where a dollar equals four hundred and ninety-five nairas (495). Buying foreign or even locally made designer articles are really expensive, but we have to look good.

For some, it’s about impressing the clients and the boss while for others it is about taking pictures and looking good online. Whatever the reason behind the need to look good, we don’t have to look too far in order to look classy.

Basically, all it takes is having some basics in your wardrobe and knowing how to combine them. Instead of ultra expensive brands, we could opt for the cheaper ones.

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Below is a list of must-have items for every fashionista:

1. A Plain White Tee
Is there anything more versatile than a simple white tee shirt? Whether you layer this perfect T-shirt under a sweater or over a tank top, tuck it into a skirt or let it hang free, one thing is for sure: Nothing is more essential to your closet than this trusty staple.
This is definitely the easiest go-to outfit choice. You could pair with pretty much anything. It gets even better as we don’t have to stick with the conventional round neck ones.

White tees easy to style

2. Ballet Flats

They’re equal parts chic and comfortable. They come in a variety of colours and are easy to wear. Use them to dress up your jeans and button-down combination, then seamlessly transition that same pair to a cocktail dress for night.
Ballet flats are popular for one thing, they are comfortable. For a lady who has to be on her feet a lot, the are a necessity. Save yourself the pain and a chance to possible fall and make a scene, invest in good ballet flats. They are life savers!!
3. A Nice Blazer
For every working class lady, a blazer is a must. Whether you are a student of just a random fashion lover, the blazer is a must to have.
Need an extra something to pull together an office look?. The can’t-go-wrong jacket to throw on over your cocktail dress?. Do you need something to keep you warm and stylish, try a blazer. Blazer Blazer Blazer… The really do work magic.
4. A pair of nice trousers
For those of us who feel naked without our trousers, this is the queen bee. Having a good number of black, blue and white jeans or material trousers is necessary.
When selecting trousers, size and purpose matter a lot. Do not purchase one just because it looks nice. Consider your work/ occupation and comfort.
5. The little black dress
There is this saying that I pretty much live by, ”when in doubt, wear black”. I think it should be a fashion rule because except you have a mean tailor, the LBD saves lives.
Having one or two of these beautiful numbers is totally and utterly necessary. You can wear them with a nice colourful blazer for the office look or with some nice pumps and a good hairdo for the red carpet look.