Woman of Virtue! Eucharia Anunobi : virtuous even in grief!

Eucharia Anunobi

It’s Wednesday and in the spirit of ‘crushing’ on a virtuous woman, we can’t stop thinking of Nollywood actress and woman of God, Eucharia Anunobi! 

This is one woman whose life has not just preached about faith but largely about virtue!

See five strong characteristics of a virtuous woman aptly depicted by Eucharia Anunobi!

Eucharia Anunobi

Faith: The biggest virtue of a woman called ‘The virtuous woman’ is faith! A virtuous woman believes, is full of faith and is faithful. Even when her faith looks ‘crazy’ to people around her, she remains faithful. Even when the sorrow of losing an only child tries to shake her, she remains faithful and laughs through her grief.

Service: A virtuous woman serves God, serves her family and the people around her. She has a charitable spirit.

Industrious: A virtuous woman works! A virtuous woman finds no excuse to be lazy, whatever she does, she does with her heart and soul without inhibitions… Have you seen Eucharia acting or preaching? 

Health: A virtuous woman takes care of herself, her home and her family. She takes nothing for granted. She is very conscious of health issues and would never deliberately put herself or her loved one at health risks. You would all agree that Eucharia does not joke with her health or beauty!

Beauty: A virtuous woman is a woman of worth and beauty. A beauty that glows from within even when all seems to be wrong. Sometimes it’s not even the physical beauty that draws people to her, it is the beauty that radiates from within. Even the blind would agree that Eucharia Anunobi has not just the physical but the inner beauty.

Today we crush on her and hail her spirit!