I’m not a wicked woman -Madam Saje

Madam Saje
Madam Saje with MC Oluomo

Fausat Balogun, aka Madam Saje, has urged people not to judge her for the roles she play in movies, stating that she has a different personality in reality or off screen.

In Youruba movies, Madam Saje often plays the role of a wicked mother-in-law, or other fearful roles.

In a recent interview, she stated, “Those who know me can testify that I have a lovable personality; I always like to make people happy. I am a very real person and I hate pretence. I prefer to say it as it is at all times. Even some people may be uncomfortable with it initially, it is ultimately better to tell the truth at all times. As actors, we often have to wear certain robes that are not ours. I could be called upon to act as a wicked, rich, kind or diabolic woman; it all depends on the script.”

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She added, “There have been lots of challenges along the way, but by the grace of God, I have been able to overcome them. I am, however, sad about the activities of pirates. They are the ones reaping all the fruits of our labour and it is so painful. A lot of actors are really suffering, not because they are lazy, but because they are being cheated of their entitlements.”

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