Scandal! Actress accuses Yomi Fabiyi of demanding for sex for a movie role!

Nollywood actor and film maker Yomi Fabiyi has been drawn into a dirty web of scandal after one actress Eniola Gold who now works as a realtor accused him of trying to sleep with her in exchange for a movie role.

The former actress who claimed that the incidence happened nine years ago alleged that she was still passionate about acting when it happened and somehow she came across Yomi Fabiyi who according to her was already an established actor and producer.

The lady alleged that Yomi informed her that a movie role was a very easy thing only if she was ready to scratch his back. “He told me we would be lodging in a hotel and I would be sleeping in his room”

According to her, her refusal to mess with her dignity made Yomi dump her in the middle of the road. Since then she lost her respect for actors.

In response, Yomi blatantly denied the allegations calling it a ruse to fluster him, in his words nine years ago he was still struggling to get roles himself and did not even know how to drive a car!

The actress has since deleted the post from her wall while the actor has launched a search for the lady!