How ‘Wedding Party 2’ proves critics wrong

Mo Abudu

Producer, Mo Abudu, has said that her latest effort, The Wedding party 2, has raked in over N300 million within 18 days it was released to cinemas.

With this development, we should be waiting for The Wedding Party 3 even though critics had suggested that there was nothing new or exciting in its part 2

Abudu wrote on her Instagram page, “What a glorious and magnificent kick off to the new year!!! We are now at N312m after just 18 days in the box office. This is nearly N70m more than our performance at the same last year with The Wedding Party. A big thank you to all that have gone out to watch this film, to our cast and crew for all their hard work and our sponsors and partners for their support. Wishing everyone that has contributed to our success a glorious and magnificent 2018. Please dash to your nearest cinema (nationwide) to watch #TWP2. ”