My girlfriend left me because I gave more attention to music than her, says Tboi


Talented singer, Tochukwu Ezeji, better known as Tboi in showbiz, has explained how music made him lose his girlfriend.

In an encounter with Goldmyne TV, he says he is still single because he spends all his time on music.

He explains, “I think lack of communication ruled my last relationship. She needed more time with me, but I didn’t have that time.  At the moment, I just want to focus on my music. Music is my girlfriend now. I always got back late and I didn’t have time to call her as much as she would have loved. I still am open to a relationship. I love slim girls and girls that dress well.”


The 21 years old singer recently dropped two singles, ‘Wine’ and ‘Ki Lo Fe.’ Though he is an Igbo boy, one of the songs is rich in the Yoruba language

He states, “My album is actually ready; we are just looking for the right time to put it out. I just dropped two songs, ‘Wine’ and ‘Ki Lo Fe,’ where I sang in Yoruba. I don’t want people to think I just sing in the Igbo language alone even though it is my signature. ‘Wine’ has more of Igbo lyrics, but I decided to input Yoruba lyrics in my second single. My Yoruba friend was helpful in making ‘Ki Lo Fe.”