“It’s crazy how I kept getting DMs from her” – Skales talks how he got acquainted with Nicki Minaj

After his feature on the remix of Major Lazer’s ‘Run Up’ a few months ago, Skales’ sound caught the attention of US hip-hop star Nicki Minaj.

Since then, the rapper-singer says himself and Minaj have exchanged several messages on song ideas.

The ‘Temper’ singer credits the long distance working relationship he shares with Minaj to Diplo, a member of Major Lazer.

“It’s still crazy to me how I keep getting DMs from her,” Skales said in a recent chat on SoundCity TV.

“Nevertheless, I can never give props to anybody else than Diplo of Major Lazer.

“It was Diplo that hooked us up and he’s the reason why I can communicate with her and share my sound.

Skales is one of the artistes featured on the Afrosmash remix of Major Lazer’s ‘Run Up’

“He gave me that platform to share my sound with the world.”

During the chat, Skales also said he never had a close relationship with Wizkid while the duo was in EME, saying, “It has always been more about business between me and him.

“Even in EME, we were just cool for the business and for the music – and whatever happened happened.

“We are doing great in our different lanes. He’s doing great with Drake; I’m doing great with Nicki Minaj.”

While acknowledging the fact that Wizkid is doing well on the global scene, he said they may one day work together.

“I can’t deny the fact that we started together and he’s doing really big things. We are all doing really great in our different ways, in our different lanes and I’m inspired by his work and stuff,” Skales added.