Arsenal star,Alex Iwobi has been dumped by his model girlfriend, Juliette – see why

Arsenal star and Nigerian footballer, Alex Iwobi has broken up with his girl friend of 3years, Clarisse Juliette.

The separation was said to have been caused by infidelity on Iwobi’s part. Because of this breakup, the couple has also deleted each others photos from their IG handle.

The beautiful model  took to her snapchat and wrote while holding some dollars , ” you will never get your bitch back”

Alex Iwobi and ex-girl friend Julitte Clarissa

However , some Nigerians have reacted to the breakup. Some greatly supported it by giving reasons such as :

“He is still young so he needs to enjoy his life”, ” I wont blame him because man is polygamous in nature, so allow him to experiment” ,” you do not expect him to just hang on you alone with a whole lots of money, allow other girls too, to eat from him”, ” leaving a man because he cheated is like leaving a country because it is raining “and so on.

Recall that the estranged couple has been sharing the pictures of their relationship all over the internet. Could there be any chances of them getting back again?