Chidinma Ekile: Yes she was born blind, but her beauty in these new photos is even more blinding!

Chidinma Ekile

Artist, actor, phliantrophist, Chidinma Ekile has come a long way, from winning the second edition of MTN Project fame West Africa close to a decade ago to debuting as an actress and on to greater things.

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The petite beauty recently got featured in Guardian Life magazine and again she recounted in her exclusive interview how she was born a blind girl.

While this story is not so new for those who have closely followed the singer’s progress since her evolving, one thing we couldn’t quite get enough of were the feature photos for the magazine shoot.

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Chidinma Ekile was beautifully captured by  the camera and her beauty is just blinding!

For a girl who was born without sight, Chidinma has grown to never a sight to behold especially in these photos below!

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Chidinma Ekile