Muslim Law graduate who was denied entry into call to bar ceremony speaks!

Amasa Firdaus became a social media sensation after a viral picture of her dressed up in her law outfit and her hijab was accompanied with the story of how she was denied entry into her call to bar ceremony on December 12th with her colleagues.

The University of Ilorin law graduate has since been called names amongst which is ‘fanatic’ for openly breaking a rule and trying to play on sentiments by taking the issue to the social media.

Meanwhile, others have openly supported her for taking a stand not to unveil herself.

Amasa  has finally spoken up in a new interview, saying that there was no law prohibiting the use of hijab.

According to Amasa Firdaus there is no law prohibiting Female Muslim lawyers from wearing Hijab to the Call to Bar ceremony.  She also pointed out that her act was premeditated since she already foresaw something like that happening and she is determined to pave the way for Female Muslims to be allowed to wear Hijab to the ceremony.

“There is nothing like that (laws preventing the use of Hijab). When you ask them too, they tell you it is convention; that that is how it is done and it has to remain like that.” Amasa says wants to change the narrative and give Muslim sisters the right to express their constitutional rights as enshrined in the constitution.

“I knew that was what was going to happen. My demand is that Hijab should be approved,” she said. Amasa Firdaus’s younger sister, Tawakalitu called on Nigerians to support her sister’s cause which she says is not illegal.

“All we are clamoring for is to allow hijab in legal profession because it is our right,” she said The Nigerian Law School, is yet to react to the controversy.