#SaveSeyi: Only a N12m donation will save ex-OOU student, Oluseyi Otufodurin from death

Oluseyi Otufodurin

Oluseyi Otufodurin, a 1999 graduate of Mayflower School, Ikenne, 2007 graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University and current student of Nigeria Law School, Lagos, has been battling with a chronic renal disease since June 2016, and urgently needs a transplant.

According to Adesewa, his sister, Seyi had been complaining of malaria since 2015. When he underwent tests, doctors said he had malaria and typhoid.

“He was then placed on a strong antibiotic ever since,” she said. “After treatment, the symptoms would vanish and later return, and everyone thought he was not well-treated.”


Seyi Otufodunrin 2

Seyi… before his health began failing him

On December 19, 2015, after his younger sister’s wedding, Seyi passed out.

“We all thought it was due to stress since he was the MC of the event,” Adesewa said. “But when he was checked by a doctor in the family, it was discovered that he had high blood pressure.”

By June 2016, Seyi had started vomiting even when he did not eat anything.

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He was then advised to visit the hospital for further tests, because he had become so weak and lean.

“He could barely walk on his own,” a close family friend said.


Seyi instagram

Seyi, before the renal failure

When the doctor discovered that Seyi had kidney failure, he didn’t tell him immediately, and he didn’t, directly. Instead, he broke the news to his family.

“The doctor did not break the news to him that same day,” her sister recalled.

“The doctor told my two elder brothers and told them not to tell him, but it is something that cannot be hidden for too long. Eventually, the doctor said he had to go for dialysis, that he might just do two to four to correct the state of the kidney.

“I remember what my brother said immediately. He said,  with tears in his eyes,’Tutu, am I not going to die?’ He was crying profusely like a baby.”

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He was been on regular dialysis from June 29 to December 14, when the family felt it could no longer solely shoulder the financial burden.

Seyi undergoes blood transfusion on a regular basis and his blood group is O-, which means a pint of blood costs N25,000. One or two of that he takes almost every week.

“Friends from his former schools (Mayflower school, Ikenne and Olabisi Onabanjo University) have really been helpful and have raised a lot of money for us already,” another close relative said.

“But we need a lot more because of pre-treatment and post-treatment.”

A 2

Seyi, now


As his health began to speedily deteriorate, Seyi became more vocal about his determination to achieve his life dreams, and how he did not want to be denied the chance by renal failure.

“That was when he told one of his friends to please assist him and ask the public to assist him because he does not want to die. That was how we went about soliciting help for our dear brother.”

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“Seyi has so emaciated that you will be seeing all this skull, ribs, everything. He can’t walk on his own again,” her sister lamented.

“We are using a wheelchair or two people supporting him to be able to walk. He has no appetite for food. Only God can intervene.

“But if the transplant is done immediately, we know our dear brother will live again and fulfill his dreams in Jesus name.

#SaveSeyi: Only a N12m donation will save this Law School student from death


According to the family, Seyi needs N12 million to get his surgery done.

“We initially requested for N8 milliom but we later realised that we needed to get and pay a donor, do dialysis thrice a week (at N60,000 per dialysis), and also pay for other unforeseen expenses,” the family said, urging public-spirited individuals to make their donations to:

Banker: Diamond Bank Plc.,

Account holder: Otufodunrin Adedoyin Oluwaseyi
Account Number: 0041164595