See last moments of Tagbo whom Caroline Danjuma believes Davido left to die! Video

Davido with Tagbo and others

The internet has been thrown into a state of unrest after Nollywood actress and beautician Carolina Danjuma pointed accusing fingers at Davido in the death of her brother Tagbo earlier today.

According to the actress, Davido and his gang had left Tagbo to die only to come up with lies that the young man had drank himself to death.

Apparently grieving, Carolina had dropped a very implicating comment on Davido’s post while the singer had posted about his coming African tour.

She went ahead to post photos of the deceased implying that his friends had betrayed him and killed him. She mentioned warning the dead man about his association with Davido.

Carolina insists that Tagbo is not an alcoholic, “a cup of Hennessey and cranberry leaves you tipsy but they claimed you got drunk”

She however class the truth will be out soon as she does not plan to rest.

Davido has however not reacted to this big accusation despite being tagged severally in all the sensitive posts. Some video clips have however showed that the last moments of the deceased was spent drinking heavily contrary to Caroline’s claims.